ISP adapter for ATTiny/ATmega

This is an adapter board to connect an ISP programmer with 6-Pin connector (like the Atmel AVR ISP mkII) to the MCU to be programmed. Supported are It is needed for circuits that do not come with an ISP connector, like the TV-B-Gone bike light mod.

Parts list

The last two parts, and the corresponding part of the circuit board, can be left out if you only want to program ATTiny; in this case, you need to solder the red top-side wire W.

Power supply is 4-5 Volt, 3 Volt should work with the "V" (low Power) variants, might not work with others.

The 4-pin connectors JP1 and JP2 are intended to connect an 8-pin SOIC test clip ( to program the SMD variant of the ATTiny.

If you don't want to etch a PCB, you can wire it up on a stripboard, which is pretty simple, but doesn't look as nice :)

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